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The Association was founded in 2005. The purpose of NCPCWA is to promote and secure mutual benefits, improvement and cooperation of those engaged in the business of operating professional carwashes and allied or supplementary businesses, and as follows:

To cultivate a friendly relationship among various members of the industry and their suppliers, employees and customers.
To assist in maintaining high standards and ethics within the industry as a whole.
To acquire, preserve and disseminate valuable business information within the Association.
To cooperate with the International Carwash Association and other regional or local car wash associations for the mutual benefit of all.
To promote the carwash industry to the public, municipalities and governments.
To promote water conservation in the carwash industry and other industries.

We Are:

- Professionals specializing in the efficient use of water. Protecting the environment & natural resources.
- Creating opportunities to be leaders in water conservation.
- Educating the general public that Professional - Carwashes use far less water compared to home driveway carwashes.
- Certification Program signage showing proactive conservation practices.
- Registered lobbyists maintaining a watch for issues that could affect the carwash industry.
- Lobbyists answering general industry-related questions with regard to public water usage and    conservation.


North Carolina Professional Carwash Association
7300 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27612
Phone 919-782-4411 / Fax 919-782-4414
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